Published: 17. 8. 2012   Category: Other topics

TOP1000 Czech words flash cards

These flash card were prepared from data of The Czech National Corpus (CNC). The corpus was created by analysing of 100.000.000 millions of word from nowadays written Czech. The result of this analysis is a frequency list – most common words are in the beginning. There exists two types of this database, the first one lists all word forms (e.g. mladý, mladá, mladé, mladí,...) and the second list only the literary basic form of each word. These flash cards was prepared from the second type.

Each flash card is 6.7cm × 4.6cm, in the middle is the word and in the bottom right corner is the position in frequent dictionary. Print them on hard paper A4 and cut them out. I hope there is a lot of space on the other side to fill a word meaning, other forms or synonyms. You must find it yourself – it is a part of learning. Beware, these flash cards will improve only your vocabulary, you need to have another learning source for grammar (which is not easy, even for native speakers). Try to learn at least 5 new words per day and practice your whole vocabulary.