Published: 10. 10. 2005   Category: Hamradio station OK2MNM

Shortwave Radio Facsimile Reception

Station Tokyo JMH4 Test Chart (at 1300 UTC) 120/576
GEOS-9 retransmissions from JMH4 (at 1310 UTC)
Kyodo News on 12745 kHz (60 lpm / 576 IOC)
Test chart from DDH3, Offenbach received on 3855 kHz (1130 UTC)
and a schedule of Offenbach received at 1110 UTC

Japan Tokyo, station JMH4 on 13597 kHz

full resolution full resolution
Pacifik Typhoon full resolution

Chinese statiom BMF 13900 kHz

Satellite rentransmission of GMS IR spectrum image at 01:30, 07:30, 13:30, 19:30 UTC.
Synopt GMS (full resolution 2 MB).
GMS 2 (very nice quallity, thanks to perfect conditions).

USA station NMF from Boston, 12750 kHz

Synoptical Map
Boston Synopt full resolution without postprocessing

GEOS IR image, a day before hurricane Katrina reach the coast (27. August 2005):
boston full resolution without postprocessing Second day of Katrina hurricane (28. August 2005):
, full resolution without postprocessing
Fourth day of Katrina hurricane (29. August 2005):
Kartina full resolution without postprocessing
30. August 2005:
Full resolution without postprocess

Canadian station from Halifax, on 13510 kHz

HalifaxFull Resolution.

Moscow RCC76, RDD7

Received on 13886 kHz, 120 lpm, IOC 576:

This one received with IOC 288 (lower horizontal resolution):

Melbourne on 11030 kHz

Melbourne Full Resolution without postprocess.
Full resolution without postprocess
Full resolution without postprocess
The warning above informe about typhoon than you can see on the picture received from JMH4.

Old pictures (received using JVFax7 with Hamcomm interface):
frame frame frame frame frame frame frame

This map was received in 1996 from OLT 21 — Český Hydromet. úřad on long wave frequency 111.8 kHz, i used Kantronics Kam+ so resolution is low. The station discontinued transmission in May of 1996.

Amateur Radio Facsimile ON7BW received on 20 meters

frame frame