Matrix effect in BASH

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mark said:...
Very nice script :)
3/30/2016 10:19
elias said:...
wow, amazing what so few lines of code can do! thanks for it!
10/9/2016 1:30
fck said:...
ran this shit on windows and fcked up my computer, i had to taskkill everything, this is aweful resource consuming
3/1/2017 5:10
Clbel said:...
Really impressive ! youre a awesome coder!
I heard once in Prague the czechs were really good modders.. i admit this is a great example
keep delivering this great stuff!
5/20/2017 12:19
Cheers from Prague said:...
My life makes sense again :)

No, but seriously, thanks for cool script!
2/14/2018 11:01
Cheers from Prague said:...
Teď jsem si uvědomil, na jaké tld se nacházím, lol :)
2/14/2018 11:03
Troy said:...
Now, this is AMAZING! Not a screen saver, a proper shell! Thank you ever so much, this is staying on forever!!!!
5/11/2018 10:45
las said:...
Dos not work for me :(

/home/.../ 5: [: Illegal number: {1..24}
-e [{$[i-d]..24};$[RANDOM%C]f
-e [-e;$[RANDOM%C]f
-e [{$[i-d]..24};$[RANDOM%C]f
-e [{$[i-d]..24};$[RANDOM%C]f
12/20/2018 5:22
memes.gbc said:...
tried running on raspberry pi and i saw the cpu usage go all the way to 100% right when i opened it. the computer later crashed. run at you own risk lmao
2/10/2019 10:56
ParSalian said:...


For the record. If font for your terminal supports it, you can add japanese or chinese chars to the charset. Or even you can search UTF for reversed chars, as in movie some of them are backwards.

Apply it in a fullscreen instance of "cool retro term" and you got it.

9/14/2019 2:45
Zach Quint said:...
Love this and I just want you to know you are very cool
7/6/2020 11:18
Andre Luiz Branco Belem Myszko said:...
AMAZING! it works also on vscode bash terminal, sooo cool
6/20/2021 9:04
J said:...
Good shit dude. Guess I'm late to the party, but it still looks amazing!
Little hard to shutdown though, but why would you? ;D
6/21/2021 3:04
Exit said:...
Awesome effect, but insanely suboptimal. The resource consumption of the script reminds me of a fork-bomb.
1/19/2022 6:46
/2'//-\/\/ said:...
what is this code? the formatting is atrocious I can't read any of it...
8/14/2022 4:03
me said:...
need your code pleaese
1/7/2023 1:39