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Hello BruXy

Very good post! I was really impressed by the overflow exploitation for harmonic mutation.
I was just looking for some one-liners, well I found them.
Thank you for the reference links, these are some good reading easy to find thanks to you.

Here is the BaSh version. That is NOT piping because I experienced the same problem, so it converts to octal within arithmetic interpolation and use printf just for the oct -> char.

for((t=0;;t++));do((n=( ((t*5&t>>7)|(t*3&t>>10))&+(+50^-100)%128 ),\
d=n%255,a=d/64,r=(d%64),b=r/8,c=re%8));printf'%b' "\\$a$b$c";done | aplay


Ref: Oct -> Char:
10/16/2020 7:17
Tinmarino said:...
Copy paste fix (sorry for error in previous comment):

for((t=0;;t++));do((n=( ((t*5&t>>7)|(t*3&t>>10))&+(+50^-100)%128 ),\
d=n%255,a=d/64,r=(d%64),b=r/8,c=re%8));printf '%b' "\\$a$b$c";done|aplay
10/16/2020 7:22
Anonymous said:...
# Error 2 :-)
sed 's/re/r/' # Hopefully this is not for a job interview
I barely listen to the low bit
10/16/2020 7:26
Adamn said:...
The "Collection of oneliner music formulas." link is unfortunately broken.
4/21/2022 2:49