Published: 15. 5. 2005   Category: Programming

Small Fractal Explorer

Small Fractal Exporer (sfe) is a simple Manderbrot set and Julia set generator. You can just click on left side of the screen (in Mandelbrot set complex plane) to choose start seed. The start seed point is value from the Mandelbrot set which is used for Julia set computation. When the point lies in the Mandelbrot set, the Julia set is connected. Otherwise, the Julia set is a Cantor dust of unconnected points. The result is a wonderful picture!

The sfe was tested under GNU/Linux in XWindow System environment and requires SDL library.

If you want to know more about fractals try links to Wikipedia:

Command line options

        Usage: ./sfe [options]
          -h  --help         Show this usage informations.
          -i  --iterations   Set number of computing iterations.
          -z  --zoom         Set step of zooming.
          -f  --fullscreen   Run in fullscreen.
          -d  --driver       Display graphics driver.
          -l  --listmodes    Display available display resolutions.
          -r  --resolution   Set screen resolution (see -r for available modes).

Interactive control

Tarball installation


Download source

First of all, you should know if you have installed SDL development files required for compilation (in RPM like Linux distros do rpm -qa | grep SDL-devel). After donwload just unpack source package and type make. If everything is okay you will have after few seconds compiled binary file. Then type ./sfe in shell to run program. Command make install (runned as root) will copy sfe into /usr/bin directory.

RPM installation



sfe-0.2a-1.fc16.src.rpm (source code)

Download and install package with command: rpm -ihv sfe-0.2a-1.fc16.x86_64.rpm .

Screen shot