Published: 16. 1. 2010   Category: Meteorological satellites

Annular eclipse of the Sun, January 2010

The annular solar eclipse of January 15, 2010 was observed in Africa, in south and southeast Asia. There is running of the eclipse from Meteosat 9 (MSG-2) and Meteosat 7 in the following animation. These geostationary satellites scans the area of the Europe and Africa, respectively Indian Ocean and Asia.

Meteosat 9, from 04:00 till 08:00 UTC, in 15 minutes interval. The image colour is obtained from combination of channels in a visible spectrum VIS008, VIS006 and near infrared IR016

Meteosat 7, from 04:00 till 11:00 UTC, in 30 minutes interval. Images are only in gray scale.

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