All compressed archive can be downloaded here, tar.gz file is 2.928.004 bytes long. Or when you are bored and have non-dial-up connection you can view complete archive here.
Final Shock 2000 compo added. Archive now contains 608 $SCREENS !
Best wishes to year 2E3+1 !!!
Added new function – SLIDESHOW for easy wieving. You can find its link in front of results table in each compo directory.
I made banner for this site. Many TNX for #z80 ppl'z who help me with thinking out of slogan.
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I did it ! I was spend all of my free time at last weekends (mainly with learning of PHP)... I believe, that you use web browser with good implementation of HTML 4.0 and CSS for best show.

If you find some mistakes in names of works, bad links, etc., pleas tell me it to bruxy@kgb.cz. Comments and suggestions are welcome too !
I'm working on new design of this page and PHP engine for easy viewing all SCREEN$.
My archive was uploaded to inet.
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